Henkel action addressing new GHS regulations

The United Nations have recently issued new guidelines on how chemical goods should be classified and handled: the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

Watch the 6-minute video to learn about the changes Henkel is making to ensure compliance with GHS and where you will soon see these changes implemented.

Watch the video to learn more:

What’s new under GHS?

indicate the nature of the hazard(s) associated with the use of a hazardous product


Hazard statement(s)
describe the nature of the hazards of a hazardous product, including, where appropriate, the degree of hazard 

Precautionary statement(s)
indicate how to handle the product safely and what measures you should take if you are exposed to the product by accident


Signal word
indicates the relative level of severity of hazards to alert to a potential hazard of the product:
Danger (for more severe)
Warning (for less severe hazards) 


New Hazard Classification in Europe (CLP)

How is Henkel addressing GHS in my region or country?

GHS is being implemented locally under different names such as HazCom 2012 in the United States or CLP in the EU.

Please choose a location to find out about the changes and timelines in your country. 

The information provided on this page is for reference purposes only and reflects Henkel’s understanding and actions underway to address GHS. We encourage customers and distributors to consult their own regulatory advisors and legal counsel regarding specific actions within their company and region.